Maestri automatic gas chain-type oven to hot air heat system to heat aluminumparts, model# : "TURBO-GAS CTA 8,700 x 700" with plates-chain, pitch 40mm, width 600mm... some general specs below.

Cod.Mecc: B8082880  Sound-proof cabin of injection fans to burners and for the cooling of fan supports.Heat chamber: Built entirely of heat-resistant stainless steel, properly ribbed and assembled with TIG welding and inox bolts. Inside dimensions of chamber:  Length mm.8,700  Width mm. 700 Height mm. 240. Chainsupport sole: interchangeable elements of heat-resistant inox steel. Heat isolation: Safety device: Thickwall, first layer of fiberceramic, further layers of mit;leralwools.  Heat system to recycle of hot air, set forcedly in cycle by means of four (4) Turbines suitable to work with hot air up to 600°C.  The air is uniformly distributed into the chamber vault and it is blown upon the heating parts from a series of nozzles that lead the air right on the parts. A fan sucks up the air to the bottom of the chamber, underneath the chain, and send it into the burner chambers, where the air temperature integrates by mixing with the combustion gases of burners. The hot air is then sent to the upper  chamber and blown again into the chamber. On the oven are foreseen eight (8) industrial burners. On average the air makes 25/30 cycles per minute.

Temperature regulation: Automatic, proportional type, divided over 8 independent heat control  areas, by 8 digital precision Thermoregulators and 8 double joint. Thermocouples type K. Temperature adjustable +200° (395°F) to +550°C (1030°F).Tolerance 0.5/'0 end scale. OFF05.108.inalese with US $.doc. Requested Productions mostly Aluminum rough parts: and Sizing of oven : 02.5" (=63.5mm) x length 11" (=280mm) ; weight 2.4 Kgs and production adjustable 1to 10 ppm (according to output of oven).  Rough parts transport chain : Plates-type chain with V-seats to lacate the parts, pitch 40mm. Chaintotal width: 600mm. Bar and disc rough parts can be loaded automatic upon the chain of oven, whereas preformed parts can be hand loaded by using a specific load-in area at entrance of oven. Feeding of the chain made by pitch, by geared motor and self-braking motor controlle by management and control system of oven. The chain is made by Maestri entirely of stainless steel and do not requires any particular servicing. Billet automatic loader is a 500mm 'BRC'automatic loader, suitable to feed in automatic parts with the following cdimensions:  Bar bilIets with (2}: Length : 35mm to 80mm (2}+40mmto 380/400mm or Disc billets with: Thickness: Max. weight of billets allowed in automatic: (2}80mm to 160mm The billets coming out of the feeding system (BRC)are carried upona transversal chain, where a  selecting system selects the number of billets to be loaded to each cycle. The introduction of the billets uponthe transport chain is made through a pneumatic system,  synchronized to the chain inside length. The whole introduction system is controlled by PLC of oven management.

Billets unloading:  Unloading of rough parts made by gravity through inclined slide in the final part of oven. A chain for the transport of the hot parts will be located at end of the slide, right near the operator to the press. Orientation and length of the chain will be fixed according to final lay out of the plant. THE OVEN IS EQUIPPED WITH: Control panel to CEl rules, floor standing type with connectors to the oven. Standard instrumentation installed on the oven is the following:  PLCSIEMENS S7 300 with Operative panel SIEMENS S77. The  software controls and checks that the requested production is attainable with the oven, informing the operator if the performance required overcomes the productive capacity of oven. The signal can be managed as bright signal or arranged to stop the work cycle, according to the customer needs. In the standard system, PLC is SIEMENS S7 300 and operative panel is SIEMENS OP77. Besides the a.m. characteristic, with this system it is also possible to verify  on the panel the operating data as: production pph, Kgph, heat time of the working parts, real heat time, diagnostic of special functions of the system, information about programmed maintenance.