We are pleased to offer one (1) refurbishedand modernized Farquar 1000 ton traveling gantry, round shaft straightening press previously owned by the Government. The press is refurbished, modernized, reassembled,cleaned, painted and tested. Hydraulics andelectrical have been replaced with newsystems. New safety systems have beenincorporated. The press is fully operationaland can be demonstrated on our plant floor.This press was originally designed for the Government for straightening cannon barrels. It includes powered gantry travel, V-blocktravel (Right and Left) and Lift/RotationStand travel (Right and Left).TypeTwo (2) column, traveling gantry, shaft straighteningpress with elevated operatorís platform, controls andstraightening accessories. * Capacity1000 tons * Bed 42" wide x 50' long, *Stroke 26" *Daylight Opening 53 3/4" *Shut Height28" * bed with a fully machined topplate. The 50' long bed is rated for full tonnage atfull length meaning it is capable of 1000 tons forceexerted on it with the pressure blocks (anvils) spreadout to the end of their travel.Between Columns48-1/2" wide distance between uprights allows large diameter shafts and tubes.between bed and moving platen with ram raised and without a straightening nose tool attached. Shut Height28" between bed and moving platen with ram lowered and without a ram straightening nose tool attached. 14" with provided ram adapter. Rams27" bore main piston and ram, single acting hydraulic cylinder is attached to the guided platen, keeping it centered even when under load, greatly extending seal life. Two (2) 4" bore high speed cylinders power the moving platen down at high speed utilizing a prefillvalve circuit to rapidly fill the main ram while the high speed rams are powered down. The high speed circuit enables an operator to lower the ram to work contact at rapid advance speed. New packings have been installed. Electric Motors *( Main: 30 HP, 1200 rpm, 240\460 volt, 3 ph, 60hz) *Gantry: 5 HP, 1800 rpm 460 volt 3 ph, 60hz. * Speeds Rapid Advance - 30 ipm. Adjustable Press - 4 ipm. Retract - 100 ipm. Frame The gantry consists of upper and lower castings connected by two (2) 12"ivertical tie rods and nuts. The lower gantry cross member incorporates thermalexpansion slots to elongate the tie rods for nuttightening. The bed is a single, welded steel, boxed fabricationof steel plate consisting of three (3) full length ribs with top and bottom full length machined plates throughout its length. Platen & Guide Rods The press includes a moving platenguided on two (2) 12"iguide rods. Bronze bushings stabilize the ram toolon center and oriented to the work.This allows the use of a V-nose or special ram end configuration.StraighteningStraightening accessories are included, Accessoriesdesigned for round bars or tubes. Accessories include bolt circle for ramend, powered bar lift, powered barrotation, and powered positioning ofboth lift/rotation stands and pressureblock anvils. Descriptions of eachfollow: Ram EndRam adapter tools bolt on to a bolt circle provided onthe guided platen. Note that any adapter length must besubtracted from daylight opening.Lift/Rotation StandsThe two (2) rotation stands are powered tohydraulically lift round bars above the pressureblocks, then rotate the work for indication and toposition the "high spot" for pressing. The combinedcapacity can lift bars up to approximately 15,000 lbs.and up to approximately 50' in length. An electric motor drive on one stand rotates textureddrive rollers which in turn rotate the shaft. Thetextured surface prevents slippage. The secondrotation stand acts as an idler. A selector switchcontrols rotation on/off. All controls are located atthe operator's station. Each lift/rotation stand uses dual hydraulic cylindersto power the guided work lift and elevate the workpieceup and off the pressure blocks to allow rotation. Independent on-board hydraulic power units drive thepower work lift movements. These self contained powersupplies allow a cleaner work area without the hosesand plumbing required as from a central source.Pressure BlocksTwo (2) pressure blocks are provided with V-shapedanvils. The large bases distribute the press force across the ribs without bed deformation. The hardened anvil liners are replaceable. The V-angle is designed to accommodate round tubes withsurface contact from two sides thereby reducingcontact force on the work to Ĺ that of a flat anvilwith one point of contact.The workpieces can be loaded by overhead crane or fork truck onto the V-blocks.Pressure Block and The pressure V-blocks and the rotation stands areRotation Standelectric gear motor powered and positioned byPositioningpushbutton control to traverse across the length of thebed. Both are driven through dual gear racks on eachedge of the bed which prevent yawing and keep themcentered. The bases have flexible wipers on the edgesto minimize dirt from getting imbedded underneath.Electric power is supplied to pressure blocks androtation stands via integrated festoon cable carrier system. The cables are suspended from the units and effortlessly carried along when pulled by a moving stand.Gantry PowerThe gantry is powered along the bed of the press by Positioningpushbutton control via an electric motor gear reducer drive through a dual sided rack and gear system. Dualracks prevent yawing of gantry during travel to preventyaw and help maintain centerline. Gantry wheels are heavy duty 12" flanged steel wheels with large roller bearings.Overhead mounted reservoir and hydraulic power supplytravels with the gantry.The total travel distance is 40'.HydraulicsNew hydraulics. A Dynex axial piston pump and ParkerISO valving powers the press. Suction filtration isprovided.A prefill valve controls fast filling and emptying ofthe main ram by gravity while the high speed rams areunder power. A decompression valve is included.Hydraulic lines to 1-1/4" diameter are of flared steeltubing and hose. Lines over 1-1/4" diameter are of welded and SAE 4-bolt flanged construction where applicable. Hydraulic SystemPressure4815 psi maximum at a full 1000 tons. Hydraulic Pressure The hydraulic pressure is displayed in both "psi" andGauge"tons" on a fluid filled, surge resistant gauge at theoperators station.Operator ControlsOiltight pushbuttons, illuminated pushbuttons, pilotlights, and selectors are installed in a pushbuttonpanel. Fuses are used on all solenoids. Pushbuttonsand selector switches control all other functionsincluding:Control Power On and Pump On illuminated pushbuttons, Ram Up, Ram Down Fast, Ram down Slow, Gantry Travel Left/Right, L and R Roller Stand Travel Left/Right, Land R V-block Travel Left/Right, L and R Roller Lift Up/Down, Roller Rotation On/Off, Filter Dirty warninglight, Pump Off, and Emergency Stop.ElectricalComponents are mounted in a NEMA 12 enclosure whichincludes a fused disconnect, motor starter, transformer,relays, fuses and wire terminals. The press is wiredfor 460 volt, 3-phase power. All wiring of press is with oiltight conduit systemusing NEMA 12 junction boxes. All control connectionsare made on terminal strips. 115 VAC control power.All wiring is numbered at termination points. Wiredfor operation on 460 volts, 3-ph, 60 hertz incomingpower.Electrical PowerNEMA 12 junction boxes are provided for incomingSupplyelectrical power connection. A festoon system routespower to the moving stands and to the moving gantry. All incoming wiring including the festoons are new.Operatorís Platform A non-skid surfaced platform attached to the gantryallows press operation and travelingwith the gantry. Safety railings areprovided.SafetySafety railings surround the operatorísplatform. Safety chains cover exits atboth sides. All guards are paintedSafety Yellow.Installation Start-up assistance and training Start-Up & Training at our plant is included. Domestic on-site assistance is also available at $110.00/hr, $880.00 plus travel andper diem.WeightApproximately 200-250,000 lbs. InstallationDesigned for pit mounting to reduce working surface tojust above floor level. Poured risers are required ateach end for either floor mounting or pit mounting.Floor LoadingApproximately 175 psi. on 24" x 30" footpads.Dial IndicatorDial indicator with custom mount, measures under the(Optional)shaft, even during straightening. Graduations in .001" increments. A knob allows quick verticaladjustments to accommodate different shaft diameters. To: Detroit, MIAttn: Ted Page 6 of 6HeightApproximately 25' floor to top.UtilitiesElectrical: 480 volt, 3-phase, 40 amps, 60 hz.Water: None.Air: None.PaintMedium Blue machinery enamel, Safety Orange ram end,Safety Yellow guards.FreightPress dismantles into four (4) truck loads. Dismantlingand loading onto trucks is included. Price$395,000.00 Complete as proposed dismantled and loadedonto trucks.Options$ 500.00 each, under the shaft dial indicators.Recommend (2) responsibility of the user to insure safe operation. You must install guarding or use your in-house Safety Director to approvesafety guarding methods which you install before