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We are pleased to offer, subject to prior sale, the following:

400 Ton Williams & White Special Four-Column Moving Down Hot Plates Press  - S/N # C-3832 (Stock # 020-4075)

The following specifications apply to this press:
mba_mls.gif (3070 bytes) specifications for this press 400Ton-WW8

Capacity:    400 Tons - Size of Hot Plates:    72'' x 144'' x 3''

Number of Openings:  Three (3)  Height of Each Opening: 8

Distance Between Columns (R-L):   76 - 1/4''  - Platen Speeds: RapidTravers Closing:   80'' per minute  - Full Pressure:    11'' per minute

 Return:    110'' per minute - Lifting Capacity (Net):    20 Tons

Main Ram Diameter:  6 - 1/2''  - Number of Main Rams:   Eight (8)

Diameter of Kicker Rams: 5 -m 1/4'' x2 - 3/4'' - Number of Kicker Rams: Two (2)

Ram Stroke:    24'' - Max. Hydraulic Pressure: 2590 PSI

Hydraulic Pump - Oilgear:  DM-2025  

Top platen, base and moving platen of steel plate, welded construction.Bronze lined moving platen guides. Eight, single acting main cylinders and two, double acting kicking cylinders.Moving platen ram connections to allow for expansion. Hot plates to be within 005'' parallel w/surfice finish 64 Microinch or better. One inch (1'') thick, Johns-Manville Marinite insulation between hoy plates & press platens. Hot plates to be subjekted to tempratures varying from 150 to 400 . Each hot plate tohave eeight circuits w/ seven 1-1/4'' diameter drilled holes in each circuit. Circuits are to be connected together so that each half of the hot plate is heated and cooled into 6'' diameter, vertical manifolds

Estimated Weight:    108,000 lbs

Offered jointly with Otoole Press in Detroit Michigan where you can view this complete press system with many options and electronics already installed.

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400Ton-WW1 400Ton-WW10 400Ton-WW11 400Ton-WW12
400Ton-WW13 400Ton-WW14 400Ton-WW2 400Ton-WW3
400Ton-WW4 400Ton-WW5 400Ton-WW6 400Ton-WW7

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