You can't Patent knowledge, only leverage it to breed innovation !

...I wish I knew what we know !!...
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Think on that for a while !

That wish is nurtured at shared by managers and team leaders throughout our company and those of MBA members. We are, at heart, still a family run organization not an immense, cold, decentralized company. No one here fears their knowledge, based on experience, is going to waste simply because management isn't listening.

The dream of Paramount "buyer agents" and those of our MBA alliance members and web team is to tap not only the information buried in databases, but also the know-how trapped inside the heads and hearts of our field workers.

Right Knowledge, Right Place, Right time

The larger goal: to use knowledge as fuel for innovation -- the only competitive advantage companies can sustain indefinitely.

The last remaining competitive differentiator is to stay ahead of the competition all the time. The single differentiator that is likely to last is innovation, and the raw material of innovation is knowledge.
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Methods for harnessing corporate knowledge are converging in a practice called knowledge management.

Simply put, knowledge management is the process of capturing a company's collective expertise wherever it resides -- in databases, on paper, or in people's heads -- and distributing it to wherever it can help produce the biggest payoff.

Knowledge is often defined as -

information in context or information put into action.

The process of creating knowledge is a spiral. It starts with people sharing their internal knowledge by socializing with others, discussions with clients, or by capturing it in digital or analog form. Other people then internalize the shared knowledge, and that process creates new knowledge inside them. Those people then share their new knowledge, and the process begins again. How much actual knowledge do you have in equipment purchasing? Can you use some help in making the right decision?

This process is also known as innovation, where experience is the best teacher. Innovation is the most valuable benefit we can gain from knowledge management, and is the most prevalent means of stifling the competition. The flows of knowledge are what precipitate innovation, improve processes and minimize mistakes. All of this knowledge sharing is most valuable when your dealing with machinery customized to plant production requirements. Industrial machinery, be it for construction or specialized manufacturing to exact specifications, begins with the choosing the right equipment and leveraging years of onsite experience. This requires industry know how well beyond one persons capability. Paramount Industries' staff wishes to share our experience with you -our customer and help ease the immense task associated with smart equipment purchasing. Teamwork!!

Knowledge management is getting the right knowledge to the right people at the right time, so they can make the best decision. This is where we excel over our competition, and what makes this web site unique. ----- to the BOSS

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"Vision without action is a daydream"
"Action without vision is a nightmare"

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