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We are pleased to offer, subject to prior sale, the following:

1500 Ton VERSON HD-3-96 4.T.

Stock # (001-1002)

1550 Ton VERSON Hydraulic Press
Stock # (001-1002)

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The following specifications apply to this press:

Bed Size: 144" x 96" T- Slots upper & lower
Stroke of Platen: 48" - Daylight: 72"  -Shutheight: 32"
Overall Height above the Floor 275.25" = 22' 11.25"
1500 Tons @ 2500 PSI - Gross Lifting Capacity 210 Tons @ 3000 PSI
Fast Advance 632" IPM ...Fast Return 550 IPM
Press Capacity ( Center ) 900 Tons @ 2500 PSI
Press Capacity ( 2- Outer's ) 600 Tons @ 2500 PSI
Pressing Speeds @ 1500 Tons 62.5" IPM
Pressing Speeds @ Min. 900 Tons 104" IPM
Pressing Speed @ 600 Tons 156" IPM
Capacity of Knock out @ 2500 PSI 100 Tons

additional specs:
Crown Weight 166.330
Oil Pot. 36.120
Platten Assy. 140.000
Bed Assembly 197.600
Tie Rods& Nuts 34.700
Column Assy. (4) 32.250
Cushions Assy. (2) 30.000

You may inspect this unit in our Detroit area warehouse and we can arrange delivery.

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Paramount Industries has partnered with Otoole Press for over 20 years to help industrial Equipment Buyers locate, purchase and arrange delivery on the best buys in used Hydroulic presses. We are a trusted source that knows true value in this highly specialized market. Please e-mail Ted Gillespie for complete details and pricing on the above listings or a complete fax list of available presses. Act now before it's gone!

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HPM 1500 ton Deep Draw Hydraulic Press for sale by Paramount Industries Inc.

We are pleased to offer for your consideration the following used hydraulic metal stamping press.

(1) HPM 1500 ton Deep Draw Hydraulic Press
Serial:  4084 and total Capacity - 1500 ton
Die cushion - 600 ton
Bolster size - 60" x 60"
Stroke - 30" - Open height - 50"
Bolster thickness - 10"
Advance speed - 400 IPM
Pressing speed (up to 500 tons) - 58 IPM
Pressing speed  (500-1500 tons - 17.5  IPM
Return speed - 400 IPM
Motor - 100 HP
 - 175 amp at 480 volt
Approximate weight - 185,000 lbs.
Approximate overall dimensions - 8' x 9' x 23'

Features: HPM radial pump and full controlls
Stock Number:                    - 11076 -

HPM 1500 ton 4 poster deep draw hydraulic press

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USED Composite SMC and DMC Molding Machines

Paramount Industries Inc. now specializes in sales of used SMC or DMC composite plastic molding machinery, designed for use in plastic molding production plants. If your looking to save some money by purchasing used rubber molding, SMC or DMC systems, composite plastics, thermoset bulk molding and fiberglass laminating equipment. We sell and ship to industrial equipment buyers in the US, Canada, Mexico and worldwide. We also purchase or broker used plant press and metal fabricating equipment, and offer a variety of services from specific machinery searches to physical inspections and rigging. The below SMC and DMC presses and molding systems are available now through Paramount Industries Inc. Give us a call or fill in the e-mail request above.

1. 800mm Schmidt & Heinzman used SMC Machine  -new in 1987

2. Finn & Fram 60" SMC Machine. New 1987 model -never used.

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Don't let these 2 Straight Side DANLY & CLEARING large Bed stamping presses get away. These have full Cushions, front to rear Bolsters, PLC controls, and more.... all meeting OSHA safety requirements. Power on inspections arranged. CLICK HERE for details

Used Danly and Clearing Large Bed Stright side presses
900 to 1000 ton Used Straight-side large Bed Mechanical Presses for sale
Danly Model S4-1000 QDC 204x102 and Clearing Model F-4-900-QDC 200x100 bed

Paramount offers fee based services ranging from expert appraisels, auctioneering, plant liquidations, retrofitting, transporting and onsite rigging through our industry alliance members. Machine Brokers Alliance (MBA) members will have access to post here their want to buy or sell machinery lists and streamline transactions and communications between resellers- brokers- manufacturers- and industry specialists.

PTC 660 tonm straight side progressive feed press
Click here to view details on this 660 ton PTC Straight Side Feed custom built press

PTC Straight Side Press specifications:
660 Ton total capacity
Press type: Straight Side Eccentric Gear
2 Suspension points
STROKE = 18" Adjustment of RAM = 12"
SHUT Height over Bolster (SDAU) = 42"
Opening through Columns = 70"
Ram Face area = 144" x 60"
Bolster Size 144" x 60" x 9"
Speed = variable 15-45 SPM
Full Work energy at 15 SPM = 370 inch tons
Single stroking Speed = 15 SPM
Est weight of Press = 265,000 lbs
Main Motor size = 100HP

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