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Paramount Industries and the knowledgeable members of the MBA recommend to any of our visitors the following steps to help you successfully sell your used machinery, and related heavy equipment,  to a knowledgable buying public:

  • Understand the production capabilities and condition of the equipment your selling and make sure it meets the needs of your customer. Hidden expenses will come back to haunt you if you don't give full disclosure at time of sale.

  • buying and selling machinery worldwideMake sure you provide the buyer with verifiable maintenance records, equipment retrofit information, manuals and complete manufacturer specs.

  • Allow purchaser to verify the condition of the equipment through an on-site inspection or use a expert third party opinion or appraisal on the condition, value and all acquisition related to a total acquisition cost. Paramount act as a expert " buyer agent" for many prospective clients.

  • Post your " want to sell" classified Ads or live auction items to get maximum exposure to buyers through trade publications, auction lists and on the Web. Go to where the buyers are. Reach beyond your immediate area and newspaper to all potential sources for those seeking your equipment by listing in trade journals or on the Internet at sites like

  • Research the competitive pricing and  provide full descriptions and photos whenever you post Ads for used machinery. Check the buyers credentials, history and references to make sure the sales gets completed. If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is!

  • Join our MBA group and get exposure to your productsDisclose the costs for relocation, retrofitting, and "buyers" auction fees". Consider using third party expertise and brokerage services when selling used plant or construction equipment. The professional services offered by Paramount and our MBA alliance members. ( see MBA member profile pages here ) can often get you a better price for quality gear.

  • Post your equipment listings here where buyers trust the integrity of the sellers and seek total fulfillment services. All our brokers receive the RFQs generated through this site to reach a wider base of potential buyers! To learn more about our MBA alliance services -click on image below.

Machinery Brokers Alliance


Click for  Quick look at Paramount machinery listings for 2007 New Listings

Used 1500 ton Klockner SMC injection molding press 1500 ton Klockner Plastic Injection Molding Press (like new)
Used HRM 3500 ton 4POST hydraulic press for sale 3500 Ton HPM 4 POST Hydraulic Press -distressed sale price
Used 5000 ton 4 Post ERIE hydraulic press at liquidation price 5000 Ton Lake ERIE Triple Action Hydraulic Press
5000 ton used BLISS 4 post hydraulic press for sale 5000 Ton BLISS 4 POST Hydraulic Press at a liquidation price
Used Savage 1500 ton traveling gantry straightnening press 1500 Ton SAVAGE Traveling Gantry Straightening Press

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