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We are pleased to offer, subject to prior sale, the following:

1000 Ton U.S.I.-CLEARING Hydraulic Single Action
Vertical Acting Downward Acting Press ..Stock # (214-1010)

Stock # (214-1010)
Type of Equipment:

Boxed column with shrunk-in
rods type construction
w/gib guided main slide.
Complete w/self-contained
oil hydraulic power unit
and U.S.I. control system.

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The following specifications apply to this press:

specifications for this press Working Dimensions:
Bed & Slide (L-R x F-B): 144" x 84"
Face of bed to face of slide (max. daylight): 88" - Shut Height: 28"
Dimensions L-R between boxed columns: 96"
Dimensions F-B between removable stops: 80"
Dimensions F-B between housings: 84"
Tonnage Capacity:
Main Ram (three (3) rams): 1000 Tons
Intermediate Pressing (outer rams): 500 Tons
Return Rams - gross capacity @ 3000 psi: 95 Tons
Return Rams - gross capacity @ 2750 psi: 87 Tons
Lower Actions: (Used as an Ejector)
End Rams (each ram): 50 Tons - Center Ram: 100 Tons
Lower Actions: (Used as a Cushion - Clamp)\
End Rams (each ram) & Center Ram: 150 Tons
Ram (Piston) Diameter:Center Main Ram (1): 21 - "

Outer Main Rams (2): 15 - "
Return Rams (Tailrod Type) (2): 7 - " / 4"
Cushion - Ejector End Rams (2): 9" / 6"
Cushion - Ejector Center Ram (1): 11 - " / 6"
Stroke or Travel: Slide: 60" - Lower Action: 30"
Working Height (shop floor to face of bed): 6"
Overall Height above shop floor (approx): 25' - 0"
Depth of foundation pit (below shop floor): 12' - 0" (approx.)
Floor Space Required: 144" x 185"

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