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Complete manufacturing plants for saleMetal working stamping presses in all sizesParamount Industries invites you to browse through our -FREE- machinery listings. This section offers buyers and sellers a chance to post classified Ads and even generate auction type bidding to over 11,000 affiliate linked web sites. We are building our PREMIER LISTING Service to offer you much more detail on all listed items. will also be installing a "Buyer Agent" purchasing service that can assist you in all phases of capital equipment purchasing. All your RFQs are broadcasted to our (MBA) Machinery Brokers Alliance members. This database of machinery and industrial equipment will be searchable from this section.

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USED Composite SMC and DMC Molding Machines

Paramount Industries Inc. now specializes in sales of used SMC or DMC composite plastic molding machinery, designed for use in plastic molding production plants. If your looking to save some money by purchasing used rubber molding, SMC or DMC systems, composite plastics, thermoset bulk molding and fiberglass laminating equipment. We sell and ship to industrial equipment buyers in the US, Canada, Mexico and worldwide. We also purchase or broker used plant press and metal fabricating equipment, and offer a variety of services from specific machinery searches to physical inspections and rigging. The below SMC and DMC presses and molding systems are available now through Paramount Industries Inc. Give us a call or fill in the e-mail request above.

1. 800mm Schmidt & Heinzman used SMC Machine  -new in 1987

2. Finn & Fram 60" SMC Machine. New 1987 model -never used.

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Used 1500 ton Klockner SMC injection molding press 1500 ton Klockner Plastic Injection Molding Press (like new)
Used HRM 3500 ton 4POST hydraulic press for sale 3500 Ton HPM 4 POST Hydraulic Press -distressed sale price
Used 5000 ton 4 Post ERIE hydraulic press at liquidation price 5000 Ton Lake ERIE Triple Action Hydraulic Press
5000 ton used BLISS 4 post hydraulic press for sale 5000 Ton BLISS 4 POST Hydraulic Press at a liquidation price
Used Savage 1500 ton traveling gantry straightnening press 1500 Ton SAVAGE Traveling Gantry Straightening Press
Used HRM 1500 ton 4 POST deep draw hydraulic press for sale 1500 Ton HPM Deep Draw 4 post hydraulic press for sale
Used AP&T 8000 ton hydroforming frame press in like new condition. 8000 Ton AP&T Hydroforming frame Press -like new
Used AP&T 8000 ton hydroforming frame press in like new condition. 2000 Ton HPM used Hydraulic Press at great price.

Used 1500 ton Klockner SMC injection molding press 650 ton PACIFIC 4 post hydraulic press in excellent condition

We are pleased to offer this Pacific 650 ton 4 post hydraulic press in excellent working condition for immediate sale.

Year manufactured: 1994.....Model 650 CX  12/126 

Bed & Ram Size: 144" rl  x  126"fb Stroke: 86"      .Daylight: 110"

Adjustable Tonnage via  PLC operator interface.

Max open above Bolster: 114" and Min open is 28" above bolster

Equipped with Dual Rolling Bolsters front to back 4" thick Tee Slotted Bolster Top is 11" above floor

Base Sets 39" below floor level and has Max Height above floor = 275  3/8"  or  22' 9" Approx Machine weight: 300,000 lbs and Condition is very Good and ready for production

Paramount offers fee based services ranging from expert appraisels, auctioneering, plant liquidations, retrofitting, transporting and onsite rigging through our industry alliance members. Machine Brokers Alliance (MBA) members will have access to post here their want to buy or sell machinery lists and streamline transactions and communications between resellers- brokers- manufacturers- and industry specialists.

PTC 660 tonm straight side progressive feed press
Click here to view details on this 660 ton PTC Straight Side Feed custom built press

PTC Straight Side Press specifications:
660 Ton total capacity
Press type: Straight Side Eccentric Gear
2 Suspension points
STROKE = 18" Adjustment of RAM = 12"
SHUT Height over Bolster (SDAU) = 42"
Opening through Columns = 70"
Ram Face area = 144" x 60"
Bolster Size 144" x 60" x 9"
Speed = variable 15-45 SPM
Full Work energy at 15 SPM = 370 inch tons
Single stroking Speed = 15 SPM
Est weight of Press = 265,000 lbs
Main Motor size = 100HP

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