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We are pleased to offer, subject to prior sale, the following Williams & White stamping presses.

1000 TON WILLIAMS & WHITE PRE-STRESSED TIE ROD HOUSING TYPE HYDRAULIC PRESS (Our item # 7973). This press was new in 2001 and priced for quick liquidation.

spec_sheet.gif (914 bytes) on this Pre-Stressed Tie
Rod Housing Type Hydraulic press.

Tonnages: Pressing: 1000
Net stripping (without tool): 100
Net Lift @ Fast Open: 15
Bed Cushions (each): 250
Bed Cushion Reset (each): 25
Maximum Die Weight: 16
Dimensions: Daylight: 64” and Stroke: 48”
Shut Height (between bolsters): 16”
Die Area: 132”lr x 66” fb
Bed Bolster: 132”lr x 66” x 8”
Slide Bolster: 132”lr x 66”fb x 4”
Between Housings: 134”lr x 68”fb
Floor To Face Of Bed Bolster: 24”
Stroke Of Each Cushion: 8”
Bed Cushion Pad (each): 54” x 54”
Cushion Location: (center to center): 60”
Operating Speeds: Fast Close: 1400 ipm
Slow Close: 300 ipm and Pressing 5 - 50 ipm
Stripping: 20 - 200 ipm
Fast Open: 1400 ipm
Bed Cushion Reset: 225 ipm
Overall Height Above Floor: 324”
Electrics & Controls, safety rails included

Call Ted Gillespie of Paramount Industries for further
details and pricing on this 1000 ton Williams & White
Hydraulic stamping Press. More photos available.

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Valued added services from Paramount IndustriesParamount Industries has partnered with used machinery brokers and production plants for over 20 years to help industrial Equipment Buyers locate, purchase and arrange delivery on the best buys in used Hydraulic stamping presses and production equipment for the metal working industry. We are a trusted source that knows true value in this highly specialized market. Please e-mail Ted Gillespie for complete details and pricing on the above listings or a complete fax list of available presses. Act now before these 1000 ton Williams and White hydraulic stamping presses are gone!

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Additional Used Williams and White 4 POST HYDRAULIC 1000 ton PRESS for sale at discounted price. All upgrades and safety equipment included in price proposal. This heavy duty production sized 4 Post Hydraulic press in working condition ready for retro-fitting into most any production line as a utility hydraulic press. This unit comes from a compression moulding plant and has multiple add-on options and safety railings included. This is a dual tonnage model with a heavy duty cycle in working order. Additional presses available from this same plant liquidation sale in ERIE and KR Wilson brands. All press controls, pumps, and motors included. We can arrange rigging and transport to USA and Overseas locations...

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Used 1500 ton Klockner SMC injection molding press This 1963 1400 ton ERFURT eccentric straight side press is part of a complete forging press line offered for sale

dsc4.jpg (71373 bytes) btn_zoom.gif (1330 bytes) 1000 ton Williams and White stamping press for sale
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Specifications on this 1000 ton Williams & White press Serial# C-4198-A



Max DAYLITE:  96"

BED SIZE: 144x96"


Dual tonnage with ejectors
for next  press shot on #4 core.

Click for larger detail view

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Special equipment or modifications on this press:

1. Dual Tonnage with automated ejector part on core #4 as required to run next press shot.

2. Pump: serial# SN-81003 - Model# T-DV15030-V


4. New Cardinal/Williams & White Crosshead installed 8/7/2000

5. All 200HP motors rebuilt in October 1995.

We have several similar KR Wilson 1000 ton presses in stock for your price consideration.... Call Ted at (313) 917-6255 for full details and Pricing

click for larger view btn_zoom.gif (1330 bytes) Used KR Wilson 1000 ton hydraulic presses for sale

Call Ted Gillespie at  (800) 882-6165 for Pricing and complete specifications, photos and options on this used press. Use the below e-mail form to also receive immediate followup, quote, or questions. Additional K.R. Wilson, BLISS Williams & White, and Erie Presses in various tonnage capacities are available for purchase from Paramount Industries Inc.

Newest listings from EquipBrokers.com and Paramount Industries include ERIE and K.R.Wilson 4 post hydraulic presses ranging from 176 tons to over 4000 ton capacities. Take a look at these and save your plant some real money as these will be re-sold at liquidation prices. Immediate availability! Call for pricing.

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Don't let these 2 Straight Side DANLY & CLEARING large Bed stamping presses get away. These have full Cushions, front to rear Bolsters, PLC controls, and more.... all meeting OSHA safety requirements. Power on inspections arranged. CLICK HERE for details

Paramount offers fee based services ranging from expert appraisels, auctioneering, plant liquidations, retrofitting, transporting and onsite rigging through our industry alliance members. Machine Brokers Alliance (MBA) members will have access to post here their want to buy or sell machinery lists and streamline transactions and communications between resellers- brokers- manufacturers- and industry specialists.

PTC 660 tonm straight side progressive feed press
Click here to view details on this 660 ton PTC Straight Side Feed custom built press

PTC Straight Side Press specifications:
660 Ton total capacity
Press type: Straight Side Eccentric Gear
2 Suspension points
STROKE = 18" Adjustment of RAM = 12"
SHUT Height over Bolster (SDAU) = 42"
Opening through Columns = 70"
Ram Face area = 144" x 60"
Bolster Size 144" x 60" x 9"
Speed = variable 15-45 SPM
Full Work energy at 15 SPM = 370 inch tons
Single stroking Speed = 15 SPM
Est weight of Press = 265,000 lbs
Main Motor size = 100HP

Sellers wanted: Click  here to E-Mail us your surplus equipment list or call and fax us as we are alway purchasing used industrial product plant equipment for resale to domestic and overseas clients. Below you'll find some newly pruchased presses available for immediate delivery. Through our MBA Member services we can offer value added equipment services like rigging - domestic and overseas freight delivery -machine retro fitting -hydraulic and electrical control services and finance/leasing arrangements.

Certified Appraisals on all equipment We can arrange complete financing or leases on used industrial equipment Place a quick bid on this listing -e-mail or call Paramount Industries  We often accept Trade-ins for those seeking newer replacement equipment Have some equipment like Forklifts -Presses or heavy industrial equipment for sale?

Additional heavy duty stamping presses we can offer for immediate purchase...see below.. or call for fax list!

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